Anyone from minnesota

Anyone on here from minnesota

I’m from the lower west corner of Michigan but wanted to Welcome to the Forum.

Thank you, nice to meet you

I can never remember where to find it but there is a google map with some user locations. If they have signed up. I did!

This should get u to the map. You can also type in crossfrire owners map in the search icon at the top of the screen, the magnifying glass…
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What’s it take to get on this map!

Search the forum for “CrossFire Owner’s Map”, you’ll find a link to the Google Map page where you can add your mark.

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If you have found the map; at the top there is the hand and next to it is a marker. Click on the marker and you can enter your location and info. If you have used the search icon it will take you to Jameshatch post and he explains how to add yourself. Search for crossfire owners map

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