Anyone Else From Santa Cruz, California

I just built a Crossfire Pro.
I would like to meet any one from the San Francisco Bay or Monterey Bay area with a plasma cutter.

Happy cutting,

I’m 35 miles northeast of San Francisco in the delta in Pittsburg CA. I got a notice today that my UPS shipment for box 1 won’t arrive until Monday instead of today. Guess the week-end is mine.

Are you building a Pro?

guys…as I was informed at the start there is a map function in the into area that you can place where you are…it was very helpful for me…

Hey Jim and Agent86, I live in Morgan Hill, working on my Pro. Still need a Plasma unit.
Keith Nelson, and I’m on the map.

I am. Was expecting to start putting it together this week-end but box 1 won’t be here till Monday. Still waiting for electrician to put in my new 200 amp main service panel.

Now I’m on the Map.

Glad to meet you.

Hello Jim.
My name is Ryan. I live in San Jose. I have the CFP coming soon, but unfortunately I am a CNC complete noob. (It’s okay though, Im gonna learn it here soon enough…)
What is your level of experience? whatcha wanna build? How did you get it past your significant other?


PS. I have the HTP “Micro cut 875c2”.


Welcome to the group.
Don’t worry about being new to CNC.
It’s just point and cut.
Are you using Fusion 360?
If not I advise looking into it.
Once you have a 3D or 2D model the rest is easy.


Thanks bud.
I started digging into F360, but…then my brain EXPLODED. So, that happened…
I’m now digging into “Inkscape”- because I don’t have th need to build a BIONIC ARM, and I was hoping that Inkscape would be a touch more “intuitive” (sigh) haha!

But, If you suggest to stick with the F360, then maybe I’ll keep at it… (?) Are you having good luck with it?


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I have been using it for years, but I do make robot arms so maybe I’m not a good example.
Even if you are only doing 2D (no 3D printing or machining) Fusion 360 is worth the effort because it will generate the g-code you need to give to FireControl to cut.
There are a ton of video tutorials for 360.
I think this is a good place to start:


Okay, THAT video was a truly helpful one! Your push, combined with how easy that gent in the video made it look, helpped me think that I will stick with it. THANK YOU for the nudge in the right direction.

I’ll get back to it now.

Please let us know how you are doing with it.

Hello Jim, I’m not from your area, but I’d be glad to answer some of your questions via a zoom meeting.
I’m in Lakewood CA in LA county and have a original crossfire table.

HI. I’m Joe in Marin County. Thinking of getting a base Crossfire once I pay off a couple other toys in the coming months. Would anyone be willing to let me visit (Fully Vaxed) and print a couple projects to see how my Fusion360 skills are, and we can geek out for a while? I have sheets in the back of my Tundra and I’m sure there is cold beer on the way!

Did someone say ‘cold beer’? Are you willing to drive to NC?


Sounds like a challenge. :wink: