Anyone cutting anything thicker the 1\8"?

Just wondering if anyone is cutting material 1/4" or thicker?? I would love to see the quality of parts being made. I have a machine on order but will most likely using it for brackets that will have structrual integrity not for metal decorations on the wall. Thanks in advance!

Check out this instagram post:

I cut 1/4" an it actually does BETTER on the thicker material! There was almost zero dross on my cuts. I also purchased mine more for structural items rather than artwork but the artwork helped me learn. I cut this yesterday.

I made this yesterday. It holds a hydraulic block on a combine corn head.



What settings do you use? And what machine?

Piece of 1/2" I cut this evening. It’s a Western Wideout snowplow cutting edge for the wings.

I pretty much only use mine (OG table) on 3/8" and thicker for structural components


That looks awesome…what type of setup do you have for CNC table and Plasma machine?