Anyone bought a Hypertherm 45xp cnc recently? Best place to buy

Ok im about ready to buy a Hypertherm 45 xp with cnc port and either machine torch or the 75 and 15 degree torches. Been looking around a bit on the internet. Anyone bought one real recent and have the Info? Where, and price and what they bought appriciated, Thank you.

I got my setup from Welding Supplies from IOC. Could not be happier with their attentiveness, support and simplicity.

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Same as @swizcore, Welding Supplies from IOC. Best price for a package, other vendors that seemed cheaper didn’t include the same stuff with the package (i.e. consumables etc.)

Bakers Gas online was a great place.

Bakers Gas has not applied the 1/2 price discount on the consumable kit 2 weeks after my purchase otfthe power supply, cable and consumables. No reply to two emails I sent their Support address or their Hel email. I sent paper letter to them today seeking a resolution. Kind of put a damper on my exciting start to this project.

Sorry to hear that. Try giving them a call. The person I spoke to on the phone was exceptional. I heard about them from someone else on here and their prices were unbeatable. I even bought the handheld and machine torch kits. They applied the discount prior to purchase.

Baker Gas for me as well. Feel like I got a good deal for everything I needed in one stop.

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I just thought I would update the forum members on my Baker’s Gas transaction. recap: I purchased a 45xp and forgot to include the consumables kit (open on another browser window). I emailed Baker’s and asked if they could add this to my order. A representative emailed back promptly and said no problem, but had the incorrect kit part numbers on the invoice. I emailed…and waited. Another day passed by so I placed a separate order for 2 kits (mechanical and hand torch) with instructions that this be added to the earlier order #.

Both orders were filled. Not seeing the promotional discount, I emailed that it be applied. Long story short, they said I was disqualified because

  1. I contacted them under different emails,
  2. they only saw one order placed on my account,
  3. the email I contacted their representative was not a valid Baker’s email address,
  4. their database did not show any of the emails or invoice I received therefore they were irrelevant,
  5. 7 weeks had transpired since my order their policy is that they would no longer able to adjust the order/invoicing issues.


  1. correspondence I emailed from differed from email address on my Paypal account and they claim that their ordering system uses the email address as the control point (not customer name, address). I was intrigued by this as during my phone call, it took Greg < 10 seconds to call up my account using my zip code.
  2. I included both order numbers in each of my emails to help facilitate merger of the orders
  3. I used the REPLY-TO feature which clearly affirms the existence of the account and emails sent by their support person.
  4. I offered to send them the dozen email exchanges, including email headers, postmaster IDs etc to support my communication claims. Neither the Baker’s President nor the support rep were interested in viewing the emails showing the existence of their phantom, unknown, Baker’s email account
  5. the protracted time was the result of the ‘false’ email address they sent from 2 months ago and they flipped that around implying that the 2 month old transaction could no longer be corrected

So after two typed letters, one phone call, and approx 13 emails later, I gave up. Their only take-it-or-leave-it, concession was to offer me a $60 gift certificate which was approximately half that of the value of the kit.

Baker’s offered competitive prices, but this transaction left a bad taste and it will be difficult to buy from this vendor in the future. I felt I gave them sufficient opportunity to make this right.

crazy, huh?