Anybody using Esab Power cut 900

Is anybody using the Esab Power cut 900 on their Crossfire Pro ? Care to share some info on it ?

I also have a Hypertherm Powermax 800 I could use on the Crossfire pro but it’s an older machine and would prefer to use the Esab on the Crossfire Pro. Any thoughts ?

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I did a quick search using the little magnifying glass in the top right and found the following.

Not much on the ESAB on the forum…but that may mean no one has posted much about them.

as long as either machine is not high frequency start…and not on the bad list on the Langmuir website…you should be good

Langmuir says both machines will work. My Esab has a fairly long period of time between trigger pull and when it actually starts cutting or Lights. I’m sure there is a way to adjust for that in the cutting software but I would think it would make the project cutting time much longer.

yes…this is called pierce delay and is easily adjusted in any software…

looks like you are ready to go