Anybody Used Both PTM-60 and X45 machine torch

I just switched from my Cut60 to a RazorWeld. The Euro central connector pinout is identical so I just plugged in my iPTM-60 and am cutting with it. Has anyone used both of these torches? If so, any big advantage to the X45 machine torch over the iPTM-60?

Biggest advantage is the ability to run Hypertherm powermax consumables in the X45

George @mechanic416 will have some input. I could be mistaken, but he recommends the ptm60 over the x45. Just because it will accept hypertherm consumables, doesn’t mean they are the best choice for the machine.

@Jemejia congrats on swapping out your cutter. Hope you have better results.

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@brownfox Thank You. It’s only been a few days, but freaking twilight zone over here…I draw something, take it to Sheetcam, open in FC, hit Start and then the thing I programmed magically appears from a cloud of steam and sparks. Weird.


Lol. Welcome to my world. Glad it got solved. Wonder what it is with the cut 60s.

Hypertherm consumables are NOT recommend by Hypertherm or Tecmo the torch maker for the TH/TM70/X45 torch. Razorweld in the only people saying they work.

Razorweld also does not sell REAL Hypertherm or Tecmo consumables for the X45 torch, why is that?

Now I have seen some people use the REAL Hypertherm and aftermarket Hypertherm consumables and they seem to work. Then again I seen others have all kinds of trouble.



If Tecmo didn’t design the torches to accept Hypertherm consumables, then why do they fit?

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They do not fit properly it is not a Hypertherm torch. Do they fit Yes.

Just because something fits does not mean it is the right thing to do.

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I wish I knew that when I met my ex-wife…



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George, the one thing you can count on is that if I ever need anything related to Plasma Cutters, I’ll be calling you.

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