Anybody in the business of making and selling water table slats?

Just wondering if anybody is in the business of making and selling “saw tooth” water table slats? I don’t use a lot of 1/8 plate and it’s probably cheaper to buy a set of slats instead of buying full sheets of 1/8 plate to make my own.

I’m talking about double sided “saw tooth” slats and not plain straight slats.

I’m sure other members would be interested in buying as well.

Rod in San Francisco

Ok, it got it now.
I just checked and these straight slats are sold on the Langmuir website. I did not know this.
However, I would prefer “saw tooth” slates is anybody is selling them for the Cross Fire.

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can you not buy 1/2 sheet…?
I buy all my sheets either at 24…32…48…by 4’…
easier to handle.
Local shop is not charging to cut them down…

besides…like…you can cut your own…you own a crossfire…


Just a suggestion. If you have a metal saw then buy a set of straight slats from LM and cut the saw teeth out yourself.

Yeah I’m confused on this one. The slats aren’t 1/8 inch to begin with. Cutting your own would be the cheapest way to go.

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If we can stay on the topic, that would be great.
I’m asking if anybody is selling saw tooth slats.

You said it was probably cheaper to buy them, we are trying to encourage you to use your machine to it’s full potential. Saying you think it’s cheaper to just buy them makes us think there’s room to tell you that’s not the case. Plus, they aren’t 1/8 inch thick, at least the ones on my pro aren’t. You could easily make them on your machine, that’s all.

If you really don’t want to do it, I’ll make you some.

Thank you for your offer to make those saw tooth slats.
I will take you up on your generous offer.
Can you please quote me for 2 complete sets including shipping to 94134?
I can send you a check , cash or PayPal.

Rod in San Francisco

Hi were you able to buy some saw teeth slats.
I would buy some also. I only plasma and purchase aluminum, steel is difficult to acquire with minimums here in florida.
thank you,

A member suggested that I make my own to save money. The offered to make them for me. Turns out his quote were more expensive than what Langmuir sells them on their website?

Cut my own, used the program in fire share