Any tips for cutting stainless?

I am struggling with getting a nice cut on this 14 ga stainless, it seems if I slow the rate down and lower the amps it cuts a little nicer but not great like I get with 14 ga steel. These were with brand new 30 amp consumables, I think the best ones were around 25 amps, dross was bad on the hotter faster cuts and accuracy was much worse. Maybe these tools should be cut with a laser. I need to be able to make 1 or two of these with different race car numbers on them, they have a Dzus tool on the pointy end and a 11/16" wrench on the big end for checking the fuel in a fuel cell in a race car. Any help will be Appreciated.
I would like to improve on them before I cut them tomorrow. I did find a font that looks better then the one I used the most here.

What’s the dimensions of your part? Maybe it’s to small? This was cut at 35 amps at 95ipm. They measured at 3.5” x 1.5” and has some dross. But a quick cleaning and slight filing on the font and they were good to go

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These parts are 1 1/2" x 4".
Yours look nice and crisp, how thick is that?

Torch height?

Thanks man

This was 14g stainless with a .8 tip. Small shim for the torch gap. I am using a everlast 50s.

ctgolfer, It looks like you might be cutting on the wrong side. do your measurements come out correct across the flats of the hexagon?


Agree looks like having a problem with the pierce point . I have some real minor issues with this, even cutting on the correct side of the line- but I thought its because I get a bunch of heating due to the fact I don’t use a water table. but nothing like you are having… Also, I have very small lead-in because I have some very small openings.

check all your rails for dirt and debris and also check your lead screw and couplings - seems like something dirty may causing some of those sloppy cuts.

I will check all that, I know I had inside pierce points set but I will redo the tool path to be sure, I made a new tool with a smaller kerf for this stainless and maybe that will help.
It just cuts the stainless dirty and sloppy compared to all the steel I cut this week.

Stainless likes to be cut fast and hot and will cut cleaner with nitrogen.

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Thanks man, I will see if I can get a tank of nitrogen this week, I do have a couple extra regulators around.