Any owners in the Metro Detroit Area?

Does anyone in Metro Detroit area own of these CNC machines? I would love to see the machine work in action before I buy. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

This link shows where owners have pinned their location.

Unfortunately no one from Detroit has chosen to pin themselves so you’ll have to see if someone pipes up.

If you do get one, you might want to pin yourself so others can find you to reach out :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you. Very use full. No one close. Hope someone answers. Thanks again.

Are you enjoying your machine?

I love mine. I’ve been using lasers and CNC mills for years so this was a great next tool in the arsenal. If you’ve not done CNC machine before then you’ll want to spend time with design apps (like Inkscape or Fusion 360) because most of your time will be spent in the software and not on the machine cutting :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve even picked up some work cutting out & fabricating custom motorcycle auxiliary gas tanks. Not at all anything I thought I’d be doing with it.

I’m in new Baltimore, just north of detroit