Any one live in okc and have an operating crossfire?

looking for someone close by to give me some assistance with the machine and software, thanks


I work in OKC, what issues are you having

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navigating through creating tool paths and creating G-codes, thanks

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Did you follow the tutorial videos on YouTube?

yes repeatedly, I had my 30 year old son who works with windows 10 on a daily basis helping me, we generated a tool path of sorts but not what it would take to cut out my design, the cut path arrows had long blue paths connected to them and we couldn’t get the tool path to cover the entire project , it would just move in a horizontal line at the bottom of the design , i’ve only cut one item on my table and that was the letters NYC CNC that we found on the internet connected with langmuir, I’ve owned my table for over five months and you can imagine the frustration is becoming almost too much to tolerate… Thanks

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Is the image your trying to cut a logo or some sort of dxf file that you uploaded? Or is it a design you created in fusion?

its a design i did on fusion 360 , a rectangle flange with an opening in the center