Any new orders recently?

I just ordered a table and am curious what the realistic wait times have been lately.

To be clear: I am NOT being inpatient, I know it’s going to take a while. I’m buying tooling and setting up my shop, so there’s some stuff that would be nice to push out a month or two if I can, but if the table arrives early and I have no fixturing, that would be a bummer!

This table is going to be the centerpiece in my meager workshop. I’m hoping it lives up.

So, when did you order and how long did it take for the table to show up?

I’ve also read a fewer older posts about hole sizes being off, have the recent ones been more accurate?

I just received mine on Thursday, UPS guy humped it up the full flight of stairs before I could intercept him and have it go in the garage at ground level :grimacing:

I ordered my table on Jan 26th, it then took until Feb 28th for it to arrive in the US and ship from their location here. That leg of the journey took only a few days, arrived on March 3rd.

So about a month on the boat and less than a week from there.

Haven’t moved it to the shop yet not quite ready with similar prep like you mentioned.

Very happy with the appearance/finish I have seen so far.

Officially been one month now.

REALLY not being impatient…kinda!

The official 24 day month? :laughing:

Jk Welcome to the forums!

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24 day month? :thinking:

It’s been 24 days since the post you made that you just ordered it…

I guess not obviously humor.

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Ah, I see. You assumed my posting date was the same as my order date. It was not.

Anyway, any input on my questions?

none of us know the shipping dates…
we assumed you would have been given approximate shipping dates when you ordered your table…

and the people who have ordered their tables and have received them lately are busy putting them together…and playing on them

if you need do know your shipping date…you could reach out to Langmuir through their support email…
they would not be looking on the forum searching for people wondering about their shipping dates…

WTF? I didn’t ask anyone here to tell me my shipping date. I was asking about YOUR experience and how long it took YOUR table to arrive after placing YOUR order.

I was just curious if Langmuirs’ ETA was realistic or not.

You won’t get anywhere with a attitude… … Langmuir gives a approximate shipping date when you place order. You didn’t read that far through? Sit back and relax and wait like the rest of us did.

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