Any cheaper paths to get Mach 3?

I purchased a new in box original version Crossfire table and it did not come with a full Mach 3 license. I have yet to cut anything, so not sure how much the demo version will prevent me from doing what I want to do. (I know it’s 500 lines or whatever, but not sure what that means in reality. Like how much it will limit me.) Was hoping to do brackets, small parts and get up and running for a while while my wallet recovers.

I am for sure getting THC and with it Fireshare, so if $175 for a license is the only option I will just wait until I get the upgrade in 4-6 months. But I thought I would check if see if there is another (legitimate) way to get a version for less. Not sure if licenses are transferable, etc like if someone has a copy that they no longer use.

thanks in advance!


Mach3 is licensed to a person’s name, so, unless someone is willing to let you use their name, I don’t think it’s transferable.

The software has no way of knowing that you’re THE person, but, still, while running it, it will present the other person’s name at the top of the screen.


If you are planning on upgrading to THC. I believe this comes with a new control box and Firecontrol so you won’t need mach3. Hmm just reread your post seams that you already know this. Ignore me and I will go back to my hole,


Thanks Madman…I appreciate the willingness to help out! KRS

Thanks Tom. Yeah, I was just thinking if someone had an old laptop…or never installed the software. Longshots…but thought I would try.

Fair enough, but what you need isn’t the SW, you can download that any time, it’s the purchased license file that literally has the name encoded in it.