Any ARCFLAT Discounts Soon?

Looking at picking up a 2x table kit w/ legs and some clamps, wondering if there was a better discount than aflegs or multi-arcflat2 going on? Free shipping?


I would say if anything the price will be going up now that Langmuir has been sold to ShopSabre.


ArcFlat Weld Table | ShopSabre CNC

Well I reserved my judgement, but now the deal looks like a bunch of BS. They quote a higher entry price on and you can’t just order it. You have to submit a form, presumably so they can put the hard sale pitch on you and weasel you into their financing. I much preferred the Langmuir model where you could just put it on your credit card and wait.

Well LS, you had a good run. Glad I got in when I did.


So wait, is it too late to buy from the LS website?

They are still on there. At a lower price. Whatever they are doing seems odd.

Curiosity got the best of me and I inquired with shop saber on a table. Their website shows no legs or bolt up kits. I ask for a quote through their site and they emailed me back directing me back to Langmuir assuring me that I would have the best service with them. I honestly was on the fence about purchasing one right now but that was the push I needed. Got one block coming with more to be purchased as funds allow.


Wait, what? Well shit I missed something haha