Another Wisco Guy

Hey Everyone. Been lurking around for a bit here but tonight I finally got my Crossfire w/ THC all hooked up and working properly with my Hypertherm PMX1000. I went the CPC route and, aside from a few minor hiccups, everything has so far gone extremely well. No cutting, splicing, or rigging things to make them work so to speak. All plug and play with the biggest change being moving a single pin for my hand torch to let Firecontrol fire it via the CPC. Very pleased.

Located in South Central Wisconsin. Bought it for personal use as I work in the garage all the time and I’ve always wanted a CNC table.



Me too Im working on getting mine running … Central Ohio… Good luck with yours !!!

Hey Joel!!.. Welcome and congrats on the setup!!

First, a huge thank you to all the people on this forum since I’ve spent the past 2 weeks reading all your mistakes, tips, wisdoms, hints, etc and applying it to my setup. I finally cut my first “real” parts tonight in that they are something I actually needed. Terrifically simple, but it was so satisfying doing it from start to finish, not to mention a nice way to kinda dip my toes in with a simple project and feeling great about it vs diving into complex stuff and wanted to throw the table under the skid loader :slight_smile:

So, here is my first useable tool cut!


There’s something quite satisfying watching it cut something out that you planned for it to cut :slight_smile:

Starting simple is the way to go. Crawl, walk, run. Starting complex is like thinking you can play the Masters after buying your first set of clubs. Sometimes people are lucky, but often they get shellacked.