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Hi, I am a high school teacher trying to figure out the school’s Crossfire. I have managed to get some successful cuts but have already ruined the nozzle, leading me to believe that something is still set incorrectly somewhere. After searching the forum and google, I see many of the variables involved but am still not confident I am landing on all of the correct ones.

I am cutting 12 gauge mild steel with a razorcut45 (J45H torch). Can someone point me a correct chart for settings such as, amperage, air pressure, cut speed, height, etc., or anything else I might not be aware of?

I am also needing a good consumables source. I am not sure what the correct nozzle would be, what is compatible and what is not. Is there something that balances quality but on a school’s limited budget. Any ideas? Thanks!

how did the ruined consumable tips look like?

most common problem is water or molisture in the air.visible by black swirls on the consumables…

next issue is to high of an amp setting for the size of consumable used…

as for a cut chart…use the little magnifying glass in the top right of the page here and type in “cut chart for razorcut45”
this will give you threads with that in it…

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How many inches of cutting and at what amperage did you get out of the consumables?
This is the guy @mechanic416 for consumables. His name is George and he can he take care of you, don’t waste the schools money trying to skimp here, you will just spend more in the long run!

Here is a pic. I don’t notice any swirls. I have been cutting basic shapes (about the size of my hand) out of about 5-6 sq ft of steel before I noticed the damage.

According to the chart, for 12 gauge mild steel I need a 30A, .8mm tip, at 70ipm speed, and .074mm clearance.

I was using a 45A , ??mm tip, at 100ipm, and .06mm clearance.

I am guessing one or more of these incorrect settings caused the nozzle damage? Also, does an air pressure of 75psi sound reasonable?


I have a RW45 and cut everything at 45 Amps I just adjust my IPM up or down. RW only makes one size tip and its a 40-50 amp. Not sure if you have the same torch as me or not.
I run 70-75PSI on the gauge of the cutter. Make sure it maintains that pressure during cut.
Have you checked cut height with a feeler gauge? What do you have in place for compressed air drying?

that tip is shot…but what does the electrode look like…the other part!

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If I cut at 45A and adjust IPM, how do I know when I have it dialed in? Does 100IPM sound way off?

I used the .06mm gauge that came with the Crossfire. Would a .074mm gauge only be needed for a 30A nozzle, so if keep cutting with a 45A nozzle I can still use the .06 gauge?

I have nothing for compressed air drying. Maybe that’s the main problem. What do I need?

The electrode looked ok when compared to a pic I looked up, but I will post a pic of it tomorrow.

Thanks for the help!

How does this look?


Looks pretty clean to me although I use a different brand.

Do you have dry air? It’s a big difference maker for consumables. It’s basically the hardest thing to get right I find. I still kinda struggle with my air cause of my limited space but even with non perfect aid I’ll get like half a day of active cutting on consumable set.

Replace the messed up part and try that electrode again. It’ll be good to learn your machine by trying weird things like that.

I am looking into what I would need for dry air. Would I need an additional regulator with a desiccant dryer and filter?

You might check out this link:

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Get yourself a big desiccant filter where you can recharge the beads and not use disposable filters.

That’s what I wish I did, then put like a motor guard filter after the big desiccant filter to trap all the little broken beads.

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Throw it in garbage, it is shot.

What you need will depend on your climate. If you live in a humid area you will need more… if you are in an arid desert climate less. At a minimum a water separator and a quart sized desiccant filter and drain your tank after every use. I live in a dry climate… I have 2 water separators and a desiccant filter and last week when I was cutting I noticed when I was putting everything away and unplugged the hose I had some water getting through. I have all the components for an after cooler and need to take the time to install it. Lots of good info on the forum on air drying. Use the search tool(magnifying glass) and you will find a wealth of information.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Every question you ask is helps all of us.

Happy cutting and welcome to the group!


This info from @mechanic416 I have found helpful.


Just for clarification, I’ll assume your cut height is in inches, not mm (from above.) I run a RozorCut45 at 125IPM, .06" cut, .15" pierce and .75 sec pierce delay for 12ga mild steel. This is with the standard tip at 45 A.

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