Another newbie just stopping in to say hi

My name is Curt. I live in Osteen, FL, which is in the greater Orlando area. I purchased the XR back in Nov of 23. I have it fully assembled, but haven’t been able to start using it due to my job having me on the road nearly every week. I just filled the table with water, about a week ago, but found I had a couple leaks. I drained the table, and then went back out of town. Yesterday, I applied more sealant to all the nuts/bolts/screws and seams. I wanted to give the sealant plenty of time to cure, so I don’t have any more leaks, so I haven’t filled it back up yet. I’m excited to get started, but like others have posted, being new, I have some learning to do. Anyway, I just wanted to say hi, and I hope to learn a bunch from y’all and maybe share some of my knowledge, where it might be helpful.


Welcome to the forums Curt. Once you get all the learning done you will be cutting all kinds of stuff. Lots of knowledgeable folks on here that help a lot.

It’s not all that hard if you know how to run a PC then you will be fine.

Dialing in the cuts can be a little troublesome but not horrible. Lots of good info in this group.


Thanks @Upstategrowguy77
I’m in IT as my full time profession, so I’m hopeful that I’ll catch on quickly. I’m equally hopeful that I’ll always find something new to learn in this endeavor.


Trust me you will learn plenty!


Welcome to the forum!

I know YouTube has tons of videos, but don’t overlook Langmiur’s site as a decent starting place for the learning process. These are two particularly helpful tutorials:

Software Workflow | Langmuir Systems

CAD/CAM with Fusion360 | Langmuir Systems


Thanks for the pointers, @Wsidr1 .
I’ve watched the CAD/CAM videos, but will likely watch the several more times.

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