Another new guy!

Hey everyone, just thought I would introduce myself. My pro is in the mail and I have been spending my wait time learning fusion 360. I have already made some progress, designed a couple parts and even created a cut path for one following the tutorials on the main page. I have high hopes at this point, but would love to hear about some youtube videos, or any other things that helped you become proficient with the software. Looking forward to working with you all!


Welcome aboard!!

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Eastern Washington!!! Welcome. As you might guess I am familiar with the Wenatchee and Chelan area. (I don’t actually live in Chelan).

I am probably boring people with my experience with YouTube videos I have watched. But that is a very good place to expand your ideas of what Fusion 360, Inkscape, SheetCAM and other programs are best for. For confidence and an overview of Fusion 360, I really like NTD Racing. He goes a little fast but he gets to the conclusion before you lose interest. Mike Festiva will give some nitty gritty details which is also helpful. @TinWhisperer is our local celebrity with all kinds of advanced knowledge on Fusion360 but not on YouTube. Search for him on this forum. He really helps you understand the CAM aspect of Fusion360.

This is a great forum and once you get your machine set up and dialed in, you will really be amazed.


Well thank you @ChelanJim for the kind words. I did start a YouTube page a little while ago.

@asummers509 welcome to the Forum.


Excellent on the YouTube page!

Hopefully with some feedback over the next few weeks I’ll be able to post some decent CAM videos on the YouTube page.


I am in ellensburg! I find myself in chelan quite often! Thanks for the info.

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I just tracked you down on youtube and subscribed. Ive already learned some off of what you have posted here in the forums.

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Welcome to the machine

Welcome, I have been to Ellensburg a few times, I was a logger in Forks used to be the (logging capitol of the world). There are other cad programs that you can use as well, don’t think that Fusion is only cad/cam program that can be run on your Pro table.

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I am in Yakima

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Ummm, EASTERN Washington? C’mon…Central is more apt. Ritzville is the cutoff for claiming Eastern. Oh and hi from North Idaho/ Eastern Washington

At first I thought the same thing of “Eastern” Washington but when you consider the climate and being east of the mountain range, it does make sense to put Ellensburg in the East category for similar weather. My home is definitely West as I live west of Seattle on the Olympic Peninsula.

Yeah I guess you’re right. The eastern side and the rusty side. I was under the impression you were in Chelan for some reason. :slight_smile:

I really like the Chelan area but I am not sure I would like a steady diet of the 90-100+ degree weather in the summer.

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I really like watching Tyler Beck videos. I’ve been going back and re-watching his stuff as I get better. Sinks in more now that I have some projects under my belt.

Fusion 360 Mistakes I Make Sketching (10 Things To Avoid) - YouTube

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