Another fun project!

Here is a fun project I can’t take full credit for. My wife designed this project for a local school. One of the softball dads asked us to help him. He said the school will spend money on the boys but not the girls.

One is about 36x36 the other is about 36x60. There was a massive amount of time involved in them


Excellent looking work you did on the two pieces…

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Thank you!
It was fun for sure. My wife did the design when I got them finished she said I didn’t think you could pull them off … hard to tell what is up her sleeve now.
Me I would rather do mechanical stuff but it is what it is…
I am donating the labor on these but stuff like this you can make some serious jack on.


Excellent way to work on that good Karma after equating your wife’s aging process to milk! :rofl:

Really nice job and a good cause.

Now don’t take off too much time away from the research projects for drying air, speed and capacity of bead absorption and other things that I did not know I was going to learn here!!! :disguised_face:


I told her about that! She give me that look… I was like now do we want a open honest relationship.:rofl:

Excellent work!! Looks great, @Phillipw .

Thank you! All because of a great designer (@ChelanJim told me I had to be nice to my wife), and great equipment to work with. 3 years with a langmuir product no issues but operator!