Another FFA cut, this time very detailed and small

I’m proud of this one. I have posted a version of this before, but this one I sized it down to 22” by 17” and still got this much detail. 16 gauge HR with a pro. Hynade Cut 60 with the PTM80 machine torch. 40 amps at 110 Ipm.

I am including the unfinished and painted version.


love the amount of detail

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Really looks great. Thank you for sharing this and your previous endeavors.

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Did you use Fusion 360 to turn this into GCode? I am trying to learn how to convert DXF files to GCode in Fusion 360 and struggling. It sounds like there’s people that are saying Sheet Cam is easier. What is your opinion? Do you have any advice on tutorials to learn how to convert the DXF files into GCode? Thanks for your time.

My preference is always Fusion. When I get a G-Code from fusion the cut quality is always excellent. That said, this file I had to run on SheetCam because there are just too many nodes and double lines on this file. SheetCam does a lot of automatic adjustments on lead ins and definitely has a place. I still prefer Fusion for 99% of my files. Two date I have two files I have used SheetCam on.


great work! do u mind sharing your settings/cut charts for your hynade 80?

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I like to vary the amperage

16 Gauge, .6 pierce, 28 amps, 110 IPM
14 Gauge, .6 pierce, 38 amps, 110 IPM
11 Gauge, .8 Pierce, 45 amps, 110 IPM
3/16, 1.1 Pierce, 45 amps, 55 IPM

I have planned on raising amperage on the 3/16 but haven’t ever gotten around to it

Sorry I run 55 PSI on all those