Another Air operated Water table fill drain System

I used 2 55 gallon blue plastic drums, 25.00 each locally. They came with plugs for both openings. Both plugs readily accept 3/4" pipe fittings, if you remove the as cast plastic “cap” in the hole. Since I had already planned on using 1.5 inch on the drain side, I had to source caps that accepted a different size fitting. You can find these on Amazon, but be aware there are at least 3 different “bung” size threads commonly used. There may be more, but it took 3 tries for me to find mine. I used the same style bulkhead fitting as NTK racing, but in 1.5 inch size, since that is common plumbing drain size in homes. I used the remainder of the marine sealant to seal these to the table, from underneath. One fitting in each section of table. Then, a 1.5 inch abs nipple, ABS Elbow or tee, depending on position. The drains were routed to the center of the table, then across to the center of the other side. (This is because how my table is sitting in my shop, you could do it all on the same side.) Elbow down to a 1.5 inch ball valve. I didn’t want to rely on air pressure to keep the table full, and only pressurize the barrels when filling. Once full, I flip the drain valve closed and remove the air source. After the valve, I have a short section of 1.5 inch drain hose, since the bottom of the barrels didn’t line up with the drain valve, I needed a little “flex”. Then, down to another tee, and short section of pipe to the barrels.
On the top of the barrels, I used the supplied plugs, inserted 1/2 inch PEX nipples, a short section to an elbow or a tee, and then out to a nipple and a ball valve (to control pressure), and a quick coupler.
Table fills in about 2 minutes, and drains in about 5.
All of this is still a little unfinished, but fully functional. I plan on adding a drop for air at my table (right now using a hose reel about 15 feet away), and having a more permanent connection. Swapping off my plasma cutter for now. And, I do not have an easy way to drain the tanks yet. I will fill the table, unhook the flex hose from the vale and attach a long hose , but it would be better if something was plumbed in.
Some pictures for a little clarity.