Anode broke with anode threaded part stuck in the nut


not sure where to get a replacement nut like the one received with the crossfire but the anode broke yesturday and the threaded part is stuck in the nut (the nut is the part i clamp the ground for the plasma cutter to). any help would be appreciated. I can’t seem to remove it, i’m scared to damaged the threads inside the nut.

Mine broke weeks ago…
Just take the broken piece and drop it in the water along the side so you don’t loose it. Rethread the nut as usual and move forward. It will work as before breakage.

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You can try this as well.

Make sure the anode is below water level. I drilled two holes so I can flip the slat over later.

I replaced all the drain fittings with PVC.

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Dave, Thank you that’s a great idea actually, i’ll probably do that! seems easy enough!! as for the reservoir you have, here is a link of what i just did to drain and fill the tank

That’s a cool system you built. I just went the cheap route. I use a small pond pump to refill tray. At least it makes it easy to change the water when the sludge builds up in the bottom of the tub.

Thanks for sharing the video.

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If you went cheap, I went Redneck. I Fill with a 5 gallon bucket and empty into one. :eyes: