Angularity in cut

Been struggling getting the angularity off sides of 1/4 and rapper out of holes on my pro table the head is square. No sure what I’m missing. Running hypertherm 45xp

I’ve been struggling with the same issues. I have had a lot better luck with the holes in 1/4” after I slowed the cut speed to 60% of book suggestions. Also don’t cut holes less than twice the thickness of the material, so no holes smaller than 1/2” in 1/4” plate.

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Some bevel is almost unavoidable. Are you cutting counter clockwise for inside cuts and clockwise for outside cuts?

Yeah counter inside and clockwise outside. But I did try it the other way cause some plasma torch companies say the cutter works better on right side of line in forward directions. I did read someone in another post saying they changed the thc volts of smart and put it at manual 124