Angled Cuts on Y Axis

Good morning everyone. I have been getting familiar with my new-to-me Crossfire. I have had good success tuning the machine and making parts up to 1/8in material. Yesterday I was trying to step up to 3/16ths steel and started noticing that the edges of the parts, especially along the Y-axis are coming out angled.

I thought it may be an issue with the torch height, but the sides of the parts along the X-axis seem to be pretty square (or at least much closer)

Any recommendations on what the issue may be and how to fix it?

Your torch may not be square to the surface in that plane. It’s either that or the nozzle is damaged and the plasma stream is coming out at an angle.


Did you say what kind of plasma cutter your running? My opinion is thicker steel is where the cheaper machines just can’t compare.

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I didn’t, but it is a Hynade Cut 60. I just tried swapping to new consumables (which also required re-mounting the torch) and that seems to have done the trick.


this is one of the greatest pictures to look at for taper…

the next thing is torch height…do not think that setting the torch at 0.06 it will be at 0.06…this is a machine with certian tolerances…do a straight cut and get some feeler gauges and meaure the height.

I have my setting at 0.042 to get the 0.06 i like…

next…a big taper like that can be a blown tip…compare it to a new tip…sing higher ampos on smaller tips blows them out fasdter…

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Thanks, that is a really useful graphic! Looking at that, it seems like it may have been the tip that was the issue.

Some day you also may want to upgrade to a machine torch. That way you can change consumables with out taking the torch out and it can be squared to the table.


those are wise words…

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