Aluminum water tray

Is it normal for the original aluminum to rot out and leak? Any one else have that problem?

Yes, I believe there have been problems with some of the original water tables "rotting’ and leaking. They’ve been replaced with stainless steel since then…

There’s been success with taking and coating the inside with bed liner!! This may be an easy solution for you!


Bill P.

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Thanks for the info. I took my water table out and realized i have like quater size holes in the corners. I dont know if bed liner would help that

Ooooh!! That’s rather extreme!!

it had a very small leak i thought. i took it apart thinking it was one of the gaskets on screws. I sprayed the tray down with garden hose and it made the spots leaking flake off.
actueally flaked off like rust scale would on badly rusted steel. Guess i will just have to go for stainless tray

Could you make patches on the cheap and then use bedliner…? IDK for sure. Just spitballin…

Would save some bux for sure!

was going to try and tig weld it but its super thin. I dont think im that good to do it lol. Im going to order stainless but for now i will probably patch. I have a ton of spots that just push right through it though. I will figure something out to get by for this weekend.

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