Alternative way of leveling/attaching 2 table tops

I read up on the way Langmuir systems said to level the table and join them but I didn’t have any bar stock laying around and didn’t want to buy something I may not use in the future. I did however have some 1/8 angle iron and some 2x3 tube all at 48 in. I used both of these pieces to level from the bottom of the table using clamps and shims as necessary.

Then when the tables just needed a little more lift, I used the Langmuir clamps to lift one side to get it just right.

Then injecting the epoxy was my next step. I found the epoxy at Lowes, and some static mixers at Autozone. I cut down the transfer tube a little so I didn’t waste so much product, and was able to get it all injected into the special bolts that Langmuir supplied without much effort. Waited 24 hours and tightened everything up.

Just figured I would post this for anyone else new to the tables and a little confused like I was. Good luck.

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