Almost ready to do an initial start up run HELP

ok I guess im spinning a little only thing I haven’t done yet is wire my razorweld 45 thus far. finally got power in my shop after assembling the table which seems like 6 months has passed. I heard their is a break in procedure for the table itself which I can not find. can anyone help me locate that link so I can get started? or is their anyone in the mobile alabama area that can give me a hand im a hands on learner and this is my first cnc so im spiraling with all the information on this fourm is overwhelming I guess. table Is built I can wire the torch no problem from their Im kinda at a loss. the programs can be learned my wife already teaches how to use a couple of others that can translate over to fusion 360 so im good on the design aspect I think.

Hi Chris,

Everything you need to get the machine up and running is in the user guide, and specifically the cutting tutorials: Check them out here:

There is a section of the tutorials thats dedicated to commissioning the machine which includes running the break in program.