Alignment Issues after assembly

Hey, anyone able to point me where I can find the table alignment video that is referenced to in the alignment video in the user guide?
I aligned my machine as per the video, so my x-axis is good. However it seems that my Y-axis my be out. Everything is square and level, so it may be the slats or my water table. Any advice?

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It’s in the user guide on the website (Resources on the menu & then User Guide and step #7). Here’s the YT link:

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Thanks, seen that video and managed to get it aligned. The video I’m looking for, he mentions at about 1 minute in, of the video you posted. That’s the issue I’m having.

The out of square or the out of flat alignment?

Hi, what you are referring to is covered in one of the cutting tutorial videos. The casters that live below the ‘langmuir systems’ tube get independently adjust to the take any twist out of the table so that the torch tracks the slat bed properly in the Y direction.

If you find that the adjustment range to be had by the casters is not sufficent to correct the error, break loose the bolts that secure the ‘langmuir’ tube to the ‘crossfire’ tubes and the leg tubes. Doing that should easily allow you to correct whatever twist is cutrently present in your table.


I’m also having problems with my slats they are all different. They are curved on the 2” width and needs to be file to fit the slots. Piss pore quality. What now buy new slats?