Aligment Y Axis

Hi all, my name is Edwin and live in the Netherlands/Europe and I am a newbee in the CNC Plasma world and I just assembled my Crossfire Pro.
Just ran my breakin program and it runs fine. Yeaaaaahhh, But !
When moving the Y axis to the lowest point (negative) I have a difference in my left and right Y axis.

The left Y axis has 2 or 3 mm space to the stanchion plate and my right Y axis has no space to the stanchion plate

Can somebody help me understand if this is a problem and if it is a problem how to fix it.

Thank you very much.

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I would go through marking sure the top bars were parallel within spec on the instructions(I think it was 1/32 but double check) and then looses everything and retighten it all following the sequence provided. Both mine touch at the rear at the same time but my front right is off a hair. Like less than a mm.

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The bolt hole tolerances on those plates allow enough movement that they are not likely to be perfectly aligned with each other. One of my only complaints about the machine is that there is no way to easily check that the X axis tube is square to the Y axis, because there is too much stuff in the way to use a square. If you want to adjust the X-axis tube, you need to loosen the 6 bolts that attach it to the bearing blocks and turn one of the lead screws by hand, so it touches on both sides and then tighten the 6 bolts again.