Air system for crossfire pro

Hi guys. I have a dewalt 60g and a everlast 62i to pair along with my crossfire pro. I have around 600 too 700 at most to spend on my air drying system. Any recommendations?

How many CFM or scfm is that compressor?

What type of climate do you live in?

What type of filtration/water separation do you have currently?

Do you have any type of hard lines in the shop or are you running off hoses?

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I plan to run pex.

I live in wyoming (generally a very dry climate)

I dont have anything yet (no water seperater)

13.4 CFM at 40 psi and 11.5 CFM at 90 psi with 1.9 RHP ·


“PEX tubing is SDR9 with standard hydrostatic pressure ratings of 160 psi at 73°F (1105 kPa at 23°C) and 100 psi at 180°F (690 kPa at 82°C).”

just be aware of the pressure rating and that it reduces the warmer the air is.

3/4 pex is about equivalent to 1/2 copper flow rate wise.

you still require air drying even if you live in a desert

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So will pex be ok to use?
Im really new to all this!
Ive been looking at a refrigerated air dryer from harbor freight?

People use pex but I wouldn’t. Shop around for max airline kit, aluminum line with an outer Teflon coating, works great.

It’s the blue line in my pic comes with 3/4"x 100’ of line and fittings, $ 89.00 when I bought kit don’t know what it costs now.?



I like to do things the hardway so I ran almost everything in iron pipe.


I’ve run 1/2” PEX with a HF air dryer and a desiccant filter just before the cutter in fairly dry west Texas with no issues with moisture at all. In fact my desiccant still hasn’t even changed color after a year and a half. That said, I only use it about once a week or so, not a business.

Im thinking the harbor freight for like 550 dollars

What is a good desiccant filter for the price ?
I dont know what brand is good.

I run a 62i on my pro…getting 600 to 700 pierces is not bad with an Everlast depending on what metal gauge you are cutting…one way to check your moisture level is to have a beaded desiccant dryer then a motorguard filter just before the plasma…the filter is just good to have in case the beads break down and clean air is best…
then watch the beads turn from a blue to a light almost clear…if it does that within 300 pierces or so then you need some extra drying…
be it a refrigerated dryer or an aftercooler…

I am just finishing my refined setup…
coming off my 60 gallon compressor through a copper pipe air cooler of 5 runs of 5’ into tank #1…then from tank #1 it goes through a refrigerated dryer into 60 gallon tank #2…then over to the plasma and into a desiccant dryer …through a motorguard and into the plasma…

cutting 14 and 11 gauge metal I should be doing around 800 plus pierces…


What most people fail to understand is that snaller compressors run hotter because they are running more to keep up. In turn they will make water pretty much no matter how dry the climate is. At the very minimumuse desiccant filter and a motoguard at the plasma cutter. Hopefully will stay dry.


Arrow StageAir Desiccant Dryer C7612XL, Zinc & Aluminum Bowl, 1/2" NPT, 250 PSI. Is this a good buy and can i get away with running just this to start?