Air pressure for Razor cut 45

What should my air tank pressure be set to and what should my air tool connected to razor cut 45 be set to? Getting ready to make first cut but unsure

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what should my air tool connected to razor cut 45 be set to?
Not sure what you mean by this?

Your compressor should turn on around 100psi and off at around 125 give or take.
When you push the button on the front of the RW45 the gauge on the front of the RW45 should maintain 70-75psi for as long as your cutting.
So if you have a 5 min long cut it needs to maintain 70-75psi for 5 mins.

If I were you I would push the air button and watch it and see what it does.
If the gauge reads less than this you will have to take the cover off the RW and adjust the regulator so that it reads correctly.
Once you have the 70-75 I would watch it and get a idea of how long it can maintain the correct pressure.
All of this is dependent on your air compressor set up.


something to keep in mind about air supply to plasma cutters…
Pressure does not always mena you ahve the proper SCFM…flow

to help reduce issues make sure you:

  • limit the use and length of hoses
  • try to keep all fittings 3/8" or better
  • reduce the devices in your lines…do not have 3 water seperators in a line…
  • keep the pipes between devices as large as possible…flow restriction creates heat…heat carries moistures
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I have never heard of this, have any documentation?

Only every treatise on Air Conditioning systems… compressed gas gets hot, expanding gas cools.

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Ok I guess I did not think of a restriction as compression, but I guess it is.
I guess sometimes I read how much trouble people go to on this moisture stuff and feel like sometimes there is so much said about all the little things the big things get over looked. I have a drier and desiccant and that’s it for drying. I feel like some guys are spending a lot of money on stuff they may not need if they start out with a compressor of decent size and quality to start with. Just my two cents.
And to be honest I have not even seen my desiccant change color yet, so I am not sure how much difference it makes.
Not trying to tell anyone how to do it, just that different people get way different results

Well, there are so many variables, what works for me, probably won’t work for others. I don’t have long involved cuts and my air supply hose (Rapid Air 1/2") goes under the shop floor in the crawlspace where the air temperature is pretty consistently in the 50s. I have one trap at a low spot in the line, then, at the PC, I have a Air Particulate Filter, 0.3 Micron Coalescing Filter, and a Motor Guard filter. That’s it.

Someone who’s working 24/7 would have totally different requirements.


Flow restriction creates pressure drop.

Temperature and pressure are linked so when pressure drops temperature drops.

The amount of temperature increase from friction in the pipes would be insanely negligible.

Flow restriction may cause the compressor to work harder which will introduce more heat into the system.

If we look at a standard residential air conditioning system the coldest part of the system is the lowest pressure after the restriction of the metering device.
The hottest part is directly after the compressor which is also at the highest pressure.


why do you need to be soo darn technical…lol…and be sooo darn good at it…lol…