Air On Immediately

I think I have everything thing hook up correct…RAW. The issue I have is that when I plug the torch on / off cable into the LS box, it immediately fires the air out of the torch head. No flame, just air. Air all the time…until I unplug the cable.

FireControl shows good connection for THC and LS.

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what type of torch system do you have?
is there a 2T/4T switch…should be on 2T

I originally started to experience this problem with a Cut 50 before I realized that would plasma would not work. When I first hooked up everything to the Cut 50, it actually seemed to connect ok. Only when I started to go through the Test did it nitz out. But when I originally hooked it up the air would not auto-start. It does not matter if it is connected to a plasma now or not. Just when I plug the cable in.

I just test the continuity of the cable and that seems fine. However when I touch the pin in the middle of the port and the outer metal ring, I get continuity.

I am guessing it is something internal in the LS.

so you’re trying to use a cut50 or something else? the cut50 is HF and not a compatible cutter.

No not any more. I have it hooked up to an older non-HF plasma… not sure the name at the moment. I get good readings as far as connectivity in FireControl. I was just stating that this issue first appeared when I tried it on a Cut50. Now it does not seem to matter what plasma it is plugged into.

try reseating the relay inside the control panel. while your add it, unplug it and check continuity. If none, then reseat it and check it again. if you get continuity then its probably a bad relay stuck closed.


I reset the relay. I tested for continuity, i think pretty much any possible way and nothing, so I think the relay is fine.
You can actually hear the relay activate when the machine turns on.

Disconnect the torch on off from your plasma power source. Go through start up. Is the relay on the LS board audible on startup, or If you start a cut?

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I contacted support and they are sending me a new motion control board.


Awesome. Glad to hear that