Air Dryer Setup for Hot Climates

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In an effort to hit the ground running when my Crossfire arrives, I have been researching air dryer options. If what I have read is correct, the pipe style air dryers work by reducing the temperature coming from the compressor. The more lifts and falls the better as the first lifts can become heat soaked if the compressor runs continuously - I hope my understanding is right.

I live near Phoenix. In the summer the temps in my workshop can easily go over 100 degrees. Now comes the question: Would a pipe style air dryer be the best approach or should I consider a mechanical air dryer?

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Check cost of copper pipe as to a refrigerated air dryer. Harbour freight has one around 500 bucks

it is still best practice to cool the air directly off the compressor heads then to the tank…then through a refrigerated dryer…then through desiccant beads (visual indicator of moisture) then through a final filter…this will get you the best dry air…
Phoenix is not known for humidity in the air…so you should be pretty good.

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Wow! Even with our low humidity you have included a lot of items in your parts list. I would hate to see what the parts list would be like in FL. :slight_smile:

so I live in Canada…Ottawa…the Nations Capital…and we get every weather type possible…hot dry…hot humid (mostly)…mild…to -40f in the winter…si Have to be prepared for all types…

I am in the process of building a new shop and I will have a huge air set-up.

standing 60 gallon compressor
right off the compressor heads I will have a cooler system of 5 lengths of 5’ x 3/4" copper vertical copper runs with drains on the bottom of each 5’ length…
from the copper cooler back into the 60 gallon tank…
from the 60 gallon tank I will be going through a hospital grade refrigerated air dryer and into my second 60 gallon tank reserve.
then from the 60 gallon reserve it goes through a desiccant bead dryer and then through a Motoguard filter…then to the plasma

a little overkill…but go big or go home when you can…


I live in west Texas, not too much different weather than AZ. I just have an 80 gal 2 stage IR compressor to a Harbor Freight refer dryer and then a desiccant jar just before the cutter and have no water issues at all. The beads are all still bright purple in the desiccant, so I probably don’t really need it, but it’s extra insurance.


My setup is in Phoenix inside an uncooled steel building. I run an 80 gallon Champion compressor with a large repurposed engine oil cooler. It cools the air right off the discharge of the cylinder head. That alone drops the compressed air to ambient air temps. From there it goes into a water seperator, then into the tank. Coming out of the tank I run a regulator/water separator. On the back of my plasma cart I’ve mounted a desiccant dryer then into a motor guard then into plasma cutter. I have no issues at all with air contamination.

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That’s a pretty sweet setup! Thank you for sharing. I may just have to borrow this for myself.

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Few more pics.

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Thank you for the additional pictures. I appreciate it.


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