Air Dryer being used for your system

As a newbie to Plasma cutting I have read about a lot of different drying systems discussed.

How extreme or not should a person go with the cost and size of a dryer for the Crossfire Pro with CUT60 Plasma cutter.

Not looking for industrial application but more weekend warrior and more if business gets good but not everyday use except on weekends or after work…

Again, thanks for any info provided…

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I am not sure on the specs of air dryers…but if you want to keep costs down to start there is nothing wrong with desiccant dryers…
I have one and was building the money till I can purchase the better dryer.
I recycle my beads all the time by just putting them in the over to get the color back.

I would start with the compressor for future needs to start.

then build a copper pipe air cooler to start…then put in the bead dryer before the plasma…at a later date just add the refrigerated dryer between the copper and the bead dryer…that way you wil have supper dry air…and at the very end before the plasma…really good filter.


Thank you, So does a refrigerated air dryer really make that much difference e for the cost of the dryer???

it all depends on the amount of cutting…
most guys get away with the copper tube cooler…home built…and it works great…

I am getting it as it is FREE…I am actually getting 3…for FREE…so then it makes sense for me to use it…no initial cost output.

I do not under any circumstances recommend the Harbor Freight air dryer!

I made a video about the subject:

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I use a JT dryer with auto drain and auto drain on my tank. Works well!

I use the Harbor freight Dryer. No issues for the last year, consumes the desiccant very slowly with the dryer going. But, daily changes were bugging me, so I’m throwing up a copper manifold prior to the dryer to take it even further.


I have 4 HF water separators in line with desicant in each of them. I was toying with the idea of a whole house water filter filled with desicant. Also I see window AC units for next to nothing or free on CL and wonder if that might work as a condenser snaking the air line arond tge consenser?

Also the desicant can be rejuvenated in the microwave on low power in about a minute.

Over 80’ of 1" copper keeps my air dry enough for nonstop sandblasting with zero clogs and not a drop of water at the regulator.

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I have a Schulz ADS20 with a motorguard filter downstream and the motorguard is as dry as the day I bought it. I live in Tennessee and humidity is hell in the summer.