Air drier and compressor requirements, and example programs

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What is the recommended air drier capacity, and air compressor continuous CFM, and continuous air pressure output to run a Cross Fire Pro CNC Plasma machine?

I wanted to see what the code looks like that runs the Cross Fire Pro CNC.
My background has been programming 4 axis CNC machining centers, and I’d like to see the format of a good CNC plasma cutter program.

Does Langmuir Systems have example programs that can be e-mailed out so I can get an idea of what the format is?

I can’t wait for my machine to arrive.

Thank you


The compressor and dryer requirements very by brand and size of plasma cutter. A compressor that can deliver 1.5 to 2 times the required air is ideal. You can download g code from the fireshare site

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Second that having at least 1.5 times your plasma cutter requirement in CFM capacity at the operating pressure of the plasma cutter. I am using Hypertherm45XP which is about 7 CFM. I went with a Dewalt 60 gallon compressor DXCMV5076055 rated for 15.3 CFM at 100 psi. I also modified the compressor with an aftercooler and water separator piped in between the compressor head and tank. I was amazed how much this reduced the temp of compressed air and moisture going into my tank. I then paired that up with an Ingersoll Rand D31ECA100 refrigerated air dyer. Having really dry air is critical for consumable life and cut quality. I have been super happy with this setup. All this piped together using 3/4 copper piping and the necessary pre and post filters.

image image image image

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nice setup, what is the make and model of your air cooled aftercooler?

Thanks! The make and model of the aftercooler is : AKG C-70100BG

I picked it from ( Signup for a new account and you will get 10 percent off. I also used this water separator (SMC AMG550C-N06C) inline which is very helpful to avoid the water condensing out of the air to not enter the tank. It has an auto drain which is key given the amount of water pulled out. I picked up the water separator from:

Hope this helps.


I’ll have to agree the SMC separator is great and works like a charm. My setup is similar to yours except I added a 12v radiator fan to my aftercooler. It really removes a lot of water before it goes into the tank.

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Here’s my finished Champion Air compressor. (Champion wanted $30 for a can of spray paint 6 needed. So I found Racing Green paint. :upside_down_face: ) 5hp 19cfm 2 stage 80 gal tank. Added aftercooler, water separator w/auto drain and regulator with filter. Bought used. Total invested $800


That’s a nice setup and great price!! Looks fast with the paint job too. :slight_smile:

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That’s a beast of a compressor!

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You got yourself a hemi !!
I’ve rebuilt many of those pumps that ran for 1000’s of hours, they are a good solid unit with a good valve system, hemispherical heads, and a strong lower end.

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Nice job:) Great compressor and an awesome deal. Does it have the Mag Starter option?

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It has the contactor / relay for startups. If that’s what your referring to.

First piece of my puzzle came in last night. Ordered the auto water trap to go after this cooler and before into the tank.


think this helps?


Yes, Lowering the temperature of air lowers the dew point.

A lower Dew point means that the air can hold less water vapor.

So All water vapor above amount the air can hold will immediately start to condense.

Cooling your compressed air to ambient air temperature is the first step to achieving dry air.

This is the standard you should be aiming for.

ISO 8573-1
Class 1.2.2


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Hey there,
Is that a centrifugal type water separator, or coalescing type between your compressor and the tank ?

Both. The trans cooler cools the air. The water filter catches the condensed water befor it goes into tthe tank

Sorry - I meant specifically the “SMC AMG550C-N06C” air separator - in the photo mounted on wall I think - but I found the docs for the part and answered my question.

My bad. I misunderstood the question.

I have a mist type water separator after the trans cooler before the tank, another one (with a regulator) some distance after the tank and a coalescing filter after that. Then a desiccant bead filter, then a mototguard vapor filter. The motorguard looks brand new though not a lot of time on it yet.

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