Air compressors

Im looking at new air compressors as my current one is slowly dying. Im looking at 60 to 80 gallon 230 single phase, 2 stage units. As far as brands go im thinking either a quincy or ingersol rand both are about $2,000 and carry roughly the same specs.

Any other brands out there i should have a look at? Primary use is plasma cutter, automotive, and fabrication.


I have a Polar Air by Eaton compressors, and very happy with it! I bought a 7.5 HP but it was upward of $3500 4-5 years ago.

Im running 7.5 Champion. Biggest advice on compressors is any doubt about size always go bigger on CFM. The smaller they are the harder they work and hotter the air is which creates more moisture to deal with.


@Midnight_machinist i had a two stage on a 80 gallon tank. kept blowing headgaskets. and it seemed that the two stage set up was pretty dang slow at recovery.
i replaced that head with this one

and put this motor on it.

i run just a slight larger motor pulley so i am not getting the full 15 cfm more like 12 but it has no problem keeping up with my plasma or sandblast cabinet. i did buy the extended warranty so if either fails i will simply replace it…going on a hard year of use and no issue. motor never gets hot at all, and compressor head is perfecty fine as im spinning it about 20 percent slower than it is rated for. dont know if it will last 20 years but im happy so far.