Air compressor size?

I’m currently using a Hyundai 50L low noise air compressor but after less than 30 seconds of cutting the pressure drops below 5 bars & the plasma cuts out - the tank can’t refill quickly enough once it cuts back in. Am I doing something wrong or do I just need a bigger tank?

Air supply (tank) is one thing, but the volume at which it’s supplied is even more important.

How many CFM’s is your compressor rated for?

Consider that you won’t actually get what it’s rated for, not to mention things like desiccant filters, water separators, etc all act as inhibitors and will lower your CFM’s before it reaches your plasma cutter.

I’d also worry about your pump’s duty cycle as you don’t want it running full-time unless it’s rated to do so (judging it isn’t based on the lack of volume it can provide).

Consider looking at a two stage compressor, or at least a larger single stage that runs on 240.