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Hey guys first time posting I received my crossfire pro in January but haven’t had a chance to set it up yet as I’ve been on the road for work I’m just looking for recommendations on what size air compressor you are all using?? Brand? Single or double stage air dryer set up and what have you… Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks from Canada… Cheers

I’m running a 60 gal Campbell Hausfeld with a water/oil separator and this feeds my entire shop. At the plasma cutter, I have another water/oil separator followed by a Motor Guard filter. Air to the plasma cutter is indeed very dry. Shop air is 120psi. Regulator on the plasma cutter is set to 85psi and it drops to 75psi during cutting.

I am set up pretty much the same as @Cletus. But I am using a Master Force 60gal. from Menards. Air pressure is the same. No problem keeping up with the cutter.

John from Canada…welcome…I am Toolboy(Glen) from Canada…welcome Eh!

first here is a great website on the difference and requirements of single vs double stage compressors

next…you need to see what your plasma requires for a minimum…most are around 5.5cfm at 90psi…then consider what other tools you might need the air for.

keep in mind you can get smaller compressors that supply the same volumes and psi…but they need duty cycle time to cool down…that is my issue…I have a smaller compressor and it runs fine…but I have a buffer tank of 60 gallons to help smooth out the duty cycle…

it will also depend on how much you are using your machine for
big patterns need lots of air to cut and cool the plasma tip down.
thick metal needs a lot of volume also

if you are only going to be be doing small little signs and stuff at random times…you could get away with smaller compressors…
if you are going into any type of production or thick metals…larger projects…you will need the reserve and good volume

another good webpage


Hi Cletus, so is yours a one stage compressor? Also are you using a Crossfire Pro or another cutter?

Hi, so are you using a single or double stage compressor? Thanks for your help!

Campbell Hausfeld 60gal compressor, two stage.
I have the original Crossfire running off Mach3.

The Master Force is a single stage compressor and keeps up just fine.

I am currently running a 20 gallon California single stage compressor and it keeps up with all my cutting…it runs hard but works…so I give it breaks now and then…
I am building my shop and going to a single stage 60 gallon unit…still not worried

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