Air Compressor inside vs outside

I was just curious how many folks have their air compressor inside shop? I have a 60 gallon and am consodering outside so its not loud but wondered if that will cause a serious moisture problem versus inside of shop? I dont want to spend a ton of money on a drier if it is going to cause a huge issue. I live in Central Arkansas and have a 30 gallon inside of my shop and have never had to drain water from it.

I will have no choice but to keep it inside the shop…living in Ottawa, Canada the fluctuations of temperature and summertime high humidity will make it hard on the compressor and really hard to control moisture.

I will just end up building am insulated box around the compressor and install good ventilation to prevent overheating.

as for air drying…many guys here have installed thier own condensing coils on the shop walls with drains at the bottom…others have bought transmission radiators and installed them on the compressor fan or with fans to cool and dry the water.

I will be getting a really nice refrigerated unit from work that is being changed out for a larger one…so I get the smaller one which is perfect size for me.

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I have mine in an unheated part of the shop. I use a synthetic oil and haven’t had any trouble at 7200ft in Colorado, temps in that area hit -10F on occasion. I’ve got around 40 foot of 1/2" copper pipe to reach the plasma cutter, I figure that’s a decent amount of cooling. Then it goes into several drying & oil removal bits from HPC.

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