Ai Compressor Regulator

Hello! I have a question about air compressors. I have a 125 psi 7 gallon compressor which I am using with a regulator set to 90psi on the Vipercut 30i plasma torch set to 70 psi. I also have a 60 gallon compressor WITHOUT a regulator that runs at 110psi. Does the Vipercut 30i have a regulator that can handle that much pressure coming in?

I run 130 to mine when compressor is full. only regulator is on the 30i . Since november and no issues so far with mine. Dont know about yours though.

Thanks, Jim! My 60 gallon shuts off at 120psi. So, it sounds like I should be okay if you run at 130 and regulate it at the 30i. What psi do you have it regulated to in the 30i?

14 to 16 g i run it at 75 psi 30 amps small shim around 100 ipm. 24-28 g i cut it down to about the lowest it will go and still cut. amps around 20ish and real fast. Thats about all i have cut. I have made close to 100 signs/yard art things and its worked well for me.

you can always adjust your pressure shutoff on the compressor for less if you feel the need. I wouldnt have below 90 psi at the source.

Fantastic tips, Jim. I appreciate it. I just got my setup running in the past couple of days.

I am running at about 24 amps, 100 inches per minute, thicker shim , 75 psi on 18 gauge cold rolled steel. I am looking to clean up the edges a bit and get less dross/slag. Hoping more consistent air helps.