Aggravating.... About to lose my mind

Primeweld cut 60 no matter what charts I go buy or what tips I use I’m getting unfinished circle cuts pork cuts poor cut quality speeds don’t match up about ready to hang it up and call it quits don’t know how much more I can take. Had a 30i nothing but problems went to a cut 60 still having problems can’t get any of the slats in the table to line up or be even. Tables leaking like a freaking water faucet wasting a shitload of material…

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I’m not sure i understand your question. Try posting a YouTube of your issue. Make sure the ground is good. If you used Teflon tape on the threads the drain might not be a good ground.

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I have the cut 60 and it does good for me being a beginner, what gauge material are you cutting and what is it? steel aluminum?

Don’t give up, it can be frustrating in the beginning, get cheap steel to learn with.

Mine has been working great so far. I cut 16g CR at 29amps, 130ipm, 55psi., small shim. I’ve been using the 40 amp tips… I believe it’s a .9

I get lil dross on the bottom and non on top.

I always ground right to the material

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1/8" aluminum, been cutting with the table for a year-and-a-half with a 30i. It recently went to shit so I upgraded

@nicaDd Are you using shielded tips and . 060 shim or regular tip and . 060 shim?

regular tip with .06 shim.

@nicaDd where did you get the .040 tips?
Are you able to do fine cutting with them? Narrow lettering and narrow designs ect.?