After market thc for first version of the table

I have the first version of plasma table and no thc has been built yet to my knowledge. Has anyone installed an after market THC they can suggest? I have a Hypothetm 45 plasma.

There are quite a few if you search for them. However, direction from Langmuir seems to indicate they will offer an upgrade for the original table. Not sure when and not sure how it will perform vs the DIY implementations posted in this forum.

Yeah, it’s been talked about for some time… (I think we’re past some early projections)… I haven’t heard anything in a while but, I’d guess there’s more than a few people waiting…

Thinking about giving up on waiting and going with a different table all together… Just would like to see this one thru though… Feels like unfinished business…LOL

I wouldn’t go to a different table just to get Z axis and THC. You can add it to your CrossFire table. It’s got most of what you need. You just need to add a few ‘tid bits’…

We’ll help you. If you really want this, PM me (or others who have posted implementations) and I’m sure you’ll get some help.

On the other hand, I do strongly suspect that an LS upgrade isn’t too far in the future. I have no information on this, but the fact that they’ve upgraded the latest non-Pro tables to the newer controller tells me that there isn’t a lot more they need to do to make a package. Their biggest difficulty is probably preparing the ‘user instructions’ on how to do it. It won’t be trivial, but, with a new controller (as long as they don’t overprice it) will make it easier.

Yeah, I think it’s time to start looking into some options… Honestly, I’ve only glossed over the issue thus far… Time to dig in I think!! Surprising how many weights/props I’ve accumulated trying to keep stuff FLAT…LOL… Don’t get me wrong… It’s all been a blast to learn!! :wink:

Unless you do a lot of thin gauge stuff or do table length/width cuts, a Z axis alone will address almost all issues of table leveling, material flatness, etc. It’s relatively easy to add and it self-calibrates before every pierce so, except for long cuts, you’re pretty much the correct height on every cut.
The original Crossfire electronics has the Z axis interface and, with minor mods, can provide the sensing for Z and Probe. The main addition (besides the obvious Z Axis mods to the gantry) is an additional Stepper motor driver and they’re dirt cheap.

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