Affinity Designer Updates

Affinity just released an update to their design software. This is my preferred software, and what I use to do all of my designing. Art, even technical parts can be done with affinity when configured properly.

The update adds DXF support which is huge, as well as some warp options and shapes creation updates.

Inkscape is free and has a lot of features, but nothing will run as smooth as affinity with the detail and zoom capability. I’ll probably be updating my YouTube channel finally with a review of the update.

If you don’t like/need fusion, and Inkscape frustrates you with its slow operation, and you don’t want to pay a subscription for another cad, get affinity.


Neverherd of it thanks for posting I will have a look.

The nice thing about the update is that it offers a bundle of Designer, Photo, and Publisher for one low price ($99 with current discount). Since I use Designer AND Photo, this is bargain for me! Definitely getting it!