Advise on multi setup project

I can’t be the only one that has a project with parts that are too long to cut on the Crossfire in one go. What are some tips or trick you guys are using to index your parts? I’ve got some that are 27" x 30" so going at it diagonally is out. The parts also have long straight sides. I was thinking about adding some holes the same size as my torch tip to use as zero references. Figure if I have 2 on diagonal sides it should automatically square the work. I’m open to other suggestions. (it’s thin stuff 22ga mild steel)
On the Cnc router I would add some pins to the waste that fit into pin holes in the table so I can index everything properly. This is a series of one off parts for a project I’m working on so permanently modifying the Crossfire table doesn’t feel like a good Idea and plasma hole tend to have a bit of a bevel so error can be added. Just wondering if anyone else has tackled this issue successfully yet.

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I was thinking to use 2 locator pins then cut program one with holes for the pins added and then relocate the sheet to those holes to run program#2 for the 2nd half of the sheet. It’ll probably be the first thing I do after getting my table running is to get this working.