Adobe Illustrator

Is anyone using adobe illustrator to design and is it easy to transfer into firecontrol?

@Skookum uses illustrator I believe.

I think @jamesdhatch does too.

You’ll need SheetCam to provide the CAM functions and post process into code that FireControl uses.

I go from Illustrator to Fusion360, to FireControl.
I’ve had issues with incorrect sizing if I go out of AI via SVG. But it does fine via DXF.

If you work with existing graphics or have experience already in AI it’s a good tool.
However, as I’m learning, it does make sense to get to know Fusion360 for many other reasons, especially if you need a quick edit. I’m not designing in it yet but it’s pretty obviously an important skill.

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Is sheetcam easy to use?

@Keithc … Keith, Sheetcam is SUPER easy to use!!! Well worth the investment IMHO…!


Are you saving it with the “preserve presentation” setting enabled? Click that off if you do.


Actually, I think I did. Thanks!