Adjusting kerf for better hole sizing

Hello everyone,

I have had my crossfire for quite a while and cut many things on it, but never tried to hit a size really closely. I’m trying to cut some parts for a friend and hit a hole size reasonably well without much success.
I’ve adjusted the kerf in Fusion 360 and not much seems to change.

Am I missing something? Is there something besides kerf to adjust?

Thanks for any help

Are you being sure to select ‘in computer’ for cutter compensation?

You know, Im not sure, I’ll have to look. Does it default to “on machine” ?

Yes, it defaults to ‘in control’ which will make the machine cut directly on the line. In control works for machines that have cutter compensation done by the machine controller itself and not in the G code.

That might be problem, I’m not sure I’ve ever changed it.

I’m thinking increasing the kerf will make smaller holes and larger outside pieces, then of course smaller kerf will make larger holes and smaller outside pieces. Am i right?

@Rustybucket Yes that thinking is correct but the kerf only changes the holes if the correct box is checked like Daniel mentioned up above. I had the wrong box checked in Fusion so the kerf adjustment made no difference

You can set the compensation to in computer, and make that the default setting. You just need to right click on the tolerance box and select the option “make all default”




I never knew that, i’ve wasted so many clicks changing those values every time!


Wow, that’s cool. Thanks for posting that, will save time.

Didn’t know that either!! Already changed here!! TNX

Here’s a user friendly way of changing hole(s) sizes or outside cuts also.
I uploaded a couple files, you have to rename the .dxf part to .tap since
we can’t upload .tap files.
They are setup to run a 2 x 3 rectangle w/2 .750 holes in it.
Run program -01 and measure it you’ll find the holes will be
large and the out will be small, then run -02 and check it I
used your .060 kerf adjustment on that one you’ll see that
the holes are smaller and the outside is larger, both programs
are the same except the kerf adjustment.
One thing you’ll see when you do regen in Mach3 you now see
a white line around the inside of the circles and around the outside
showing where center of the torch will cut.
It’ll allow a change to just one hole if need be or if just the
outside needs a change.

z-test-01.dxf (437 Bytes) z-test-02.dxf (434 Bytes)