Adjustable Gate Hinges

After we built the first prototype machine a few years ago, I used it quite extensively for my personal projects, including the electric gate out in front of my house. I used tie rod ends (similar to automotive style except without a tapered male stud) for the hinges because they can be adjusted in all directions without ever being out of alignment to each other.

After seeing how well they worked on my gate, i started selling these on ebay for $50 for a pack of two. I sold a TON of these and the profit margin was very good on them. Once Langmuir Systems began occupying most of my time, I pulled the listing.

The reason I am posting this is because I still get tons of inquiries to my private ebay account about them and figured that there is still demand that should be filled. If one of you is trying to make some extra income, feel free to start building and selling these.

I made them exclusively weld-on because I didn’t want to deal with painting them. But if one was to add some flanges to make these bolt on and have them painted, the market for them would be rather large (as it turns out, some poor souls don’t own a welder).


Love the idea Danny! I may be interested in carrying the torch for you. What the deal with the extra long stud/ triple nut setup? Doesn’t it just need one tab and 2 nuts for adjustment?

Awesome. Thanks daniel. Already got some brackets modeled up. I got a ebay store that i already sell on with over 1k positive feedback. Ill get some parts and get busy on it. Im looking to make to my table pay for ittself.

The long extension nut is for making axial adjustments. Basically you loosen the jam nuts, and then turn the extension nut. After its adjusted, you tighten up the jam nuts.

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That’s a really good idea

Could i ask where you sourced your tie rod ends from?