Additional insulation?

Setting up my Crossfire with water table, reading the instruction online under the water table section it states WARNING : The CrossFire water table is designed for use with cutters up to 45 Amps. For use with cutters over 45 Amps, we recommend using additional insulating material to prevent damage to the tray.
What is additional insulating material and is anyone using it?

You can simply cut a peice of metal to lay in the bottom of your water pan so the higher amp cutters dont burn a hole in the bottom. And remove it when cleaning. I would think 11 to 16 G would work depending how how many amps you was cutting at. Someone who actually does it will comment.

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Someone commented on this in the past… Not sure when or where but, they mentioned spacing the “insulation” up off the bottom on a couple of nuts or washers is a good idea. I tend to agree though I don’t have first hand knowledge… Something to think about anyways…

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I remember reading about this too. It seems that they used 18ga and used washers underneath. This is what @mechanic416 and @ctgolfer suggested.


Sep '20

I would use floor tiles, slice them narrow so they drop between the slats and let them rest on the bottom.
They are easy to cut and would last forever.




Sep '20

If you use the floor tiles get the real ceramic ones, not the stick on kind and keep them as close to each other as you can.

I would just build a deeper water pan.

I used 16g SS sheet and 1/4" SS nuts as spacers. Works perfectly!

Thanks, do you cut the SS into strips to fit between the slats?

No, in my case a 27" x 30" sheet below the slats