Adding SOLVED to original post(SOLVED)

I want to add SOLVED to a original post in a thread I created, but I don’t see a way to add it.

I looked and could not find any info on this, if its been discussed please pot a link.

Thank you

Just go to the post and click edit (the pencil) and put it in there.

Click on the pencil and then edit the title.

Ok I must be doing something wrong I don’t see the pencil.

Post in that thread. I don’t see that topic because I mute the XR topic.

Being the op is a basic user on the site he might not have those options after a certain period of time.

I think as you move up in the hierarchy your ability to edit into the past increases.

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I was wondering about that, I do see the pencil in post. Maybe something has changed

Do you know if there is a guide for the forums? directions ?
I wondered if we can contact people privately?

Here is the user guide.

If you click anyone’s Avatar it should give you the option to private message them.

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I took care of it for you. It is now marked SOLVED