Adding plasma to my small manufacturing shop

Hi, everyone. I have worked in manufacturing for over 20 years. Early on it was operating and programming laser cutting machines, and more recently CNC lathe and mill programming.

That work experience led to me starting a part-time home business. I started with a CNC lathe, then a CNC mill, and am now I’m adding CNC plasma to the mix. After years of working with lasers, I am so excited to have the same type of capability for my home business.

I call this business my early retirement plan…I am hopeful that this Langmuir table will help make it earlier than later!

I hope to learn a lot, and help where I can!


CNC Plasma in the shop is quite an asset! Welcome aboard!
I use mine commercially, and it paid for itself in under a month, here.

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They work good. Just pay attention to the forum when you have any hiccups and Langmuir and the boys and girls on the forum will help keep you up and running.