Adding plasma to fusion

How Do I add my plasma cutter to fusion 360 I have watched all the videos and cannot figure out how to do it once it gets to click OK to add it there is no option to do that

Sounds like you’re at the point to add your post processor.

So on the langmuir software page you’ll need to download your post processor for Fusion 360.

There is a few guides on where to install the post processor in Fusion I’ll see if I can find one and Link it.

Any chance of posting screenshot from the page you’re stuck at?

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Well just when I thought I had it it now says the file is from Mach 3 and I need it for fusion … I have no clue what I’m doing now I just want to create a tool path and cut it

Based on your previous posts, I think you have a new Pro table. You need Fusion 360 Post Processor

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You will be running Firecontrol not Mach 3 if you have a Crossfire pro

I have fusion 360 and the crossfire pro I’m now trying to figure out the post processor on fusion 360 I also have fire control what vendor/description do I need or how do I add it?

Ok got one part fixed all I had to do was plug it in to my laptop!! Wow ok so now I’m guessing the file I downloaded was originally from Mach 3 So now is there any way to convert the file so it will work on fire control?

What’s the extension?

If the file was made for Mach 3 it’s unlikely to work in Firecontrol.
Take your design and run it through the CAM again using the Firecontrol post processor.

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